Sugar Land Real Estate

    About Sugar Land, Texas

    Sugar Land has been one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, the home to Olympians, and one of the most sought after communities for home buyers and businesses for decades. More than just a Houston suburb, Sugar Land has a special identity that has propelled it into the national press. To truly understand what makes Sugar Land special, future homeowners should understand the past, the present and the future of this outstanding community.

    History of Sugar Land Real Estate

    The history of Sugar Land goes all the way back to the land grant received by Stephen F. Austin from the Mexican government. The Sugar Land we know today took root in the early 1900’s when a partnership acquired the 12,500 acre Cunningham Plantation and renamed the endeavor the Imperial Sugar Cane Company. The company created a “company town” aptly named Sugar Land. Imperial Sugar built bungalows for their employees (most of which still stand and have been passed down through generations), They also brought in shops and businesses to support the town. In the 1950’s the company even built homes along Oyster Creek calling the area Venetian Estates.

    Sugar Land, Texas Neighborhoods

    Around 1959, Sugar Land moved from a company owned town into a municipality and a new subdivision named Covington Woods was introduced to success. This led to the areas first Master-Planned community Sugar Creek, bringing country club living to Sugar Land residents. The success of Sugar Creek led to First Colony, New Territory and the stunning successful master planned communities of today like Sienna Plantation (in neighboring Missouri City), Avalon, Aliana, Greatwood, Telfair and Riverpark. The early success of the master planned communities and a reputation for great schools also attracted businesses like Unocal, Flour, Schumberger and many more. By the 1990’s Sugar Land became more than just a sugar town, like sister community Katy, Sugar Land became a Texas shining star.

    Sugar Land Texas Amenities

    The Sugar Land of today is thriving. The community has changed to predominantly white-collar and most adults are college educated and work in the energy corridor. Sugar Land has a thriving city center which features high-end shopping and dining. Sugar Land is also home to the Sugar Land Skeeters, a minor league baseball team. From fine dining, running trails, excellent golf to high-end shopping, there is little need for residents to leave town. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true. Many people come from surrounding areas to enjoy the all that Sugar Land has to offer.

    The Development of Sugar Land Real Estate

    What does the future hold for Sugar Land? No one knows for sure but lots of things point to a positive future. From the covenant location right off Hwy 59, RT 99, and Hwy 6, to ambitious plans to expand downtown and renovate the old Imperial Sugar Mill. All of this and current business flocking to Sugar Land point to a bright future indeed. Few cities sit in a better position to continue to enjoy the benefits of the area’s growth.

    Sugar Land is thriving and will continue to do so. The master-planned communities will welcome happy homeowners who are lucky enough to find their way to this beautiful successful area. The advice of a top performing Realtor® can help you find you way around this fast growing community and target the neighborhood best for you and your family. Contact us today at 855-331-7355 for a free preview.