Lamar Consolidated School District

    Lamar Consolidated School District

    There are several top performing school districts in the Houston metro area. Each school district has

    traits that make it special. The Lamar School District was named for the father of Texas Education,

    Mirabeau B. Lamar. Fort Bend is one of nations fasted growing counties, which means the school districts

    are thriving as well. Lamar Consolidated covers over 40% of Fort Bend County. The district includes the

    cities of Richmond, Rosenberg, Kendleton, Simonton, Thompsons, a small portion of Sugar Land, most of

    Fulshear, the village of Pleak, the unincorporated areas of Booth, the community of Lakemont Crabb,

    Cumings, and Foster, and most of the unincorporated rural areas (including areas in Sugar Land’s

    extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) in central Fort Bend County. Lamar is growing quickly in size and

    popularity and is becoming one of the more sought after school districts in Houston.

    The Lamar Consolidated school district’s high rankings positively effects the economy

    The strong growth of Fort Bend County can be attributed to the job growth and Houston’s expansion. Still

    part of the growth must be attributed to the strong performance of the Lamar Consolidated School District

    and their sister, Fort Bend ISD. Like nearby Katy, in a recent report, Lamar Consolidated outperformed the

    state average in each TAKS category and college readiness.

    Lamar Consolidated schools are helping to drive up the areas real estate prices

    Home buyers think home prices are driven nationally. Homes prices are simply not driven by a national

    economy. Home prices are also not driven by a state economy. Local economy can impact home prices

    of course. Still the largest driver of home prices are schools. I have seen homes on one side of a street

    literally sell for twice as much as homes on the other side of the street because one side of the street was

    zoned to a preferred school district. Even within the best districts, I have seen home prices fluctuate

    more than 50% based on elementary school zoning. The Lamar Consolidated School District had bene

    growing rapidly over the last several years. District leadership was prepared for the growth and the

    school district has been able to improve performance while growing. Over the last several years Lamar

    Consolidated has built a solid reputation and home prices have begun to rise as the community schools


    Lamar Consolidated is has some of the newest schools in Texas

    As stated earlier, Lamar consolidated has grown rapidly over the years. This means the school district

    has some of the newest schools with some of the best amenities anywhere. These new facilities are a

    boon for the students and surrounding communities.

    Lamar Consolidated has marketed a lower student to teacher ratio

    Even though Lamar has grown exponentially over the years, Lamar Consolidated still boasts that they offer

    one of the best teacher to student ratios in the area. The school leaders have been committed to this

    strategy in the past and many community leaders have trumpeted this as a long term goal.

    Remember school districts drive home prices as much as almost any factor. A top flight Realtor®

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