Katy Independent School District

    Katy TX Independent School District

    The City of Houston has several top-performing suburbs. Each community has points of pride. The

    leaders of the city of Katy decided long ago, that great schools would be a calling card of the community.

    When couples are young they want to live neat the hustle and the Galleria, the City Center and the Rice

    Military District. However, when those young couples have children, they invariably start thinking about

    the cities top performing schools districts and Katy is always near the top of the list.

    Note: People think home prices are a national phenomenon. Homes prices are not driven by a national

    economy. Home prices are also not driven by a state economy. Local economy can impact home prices

    of course. Still the largest driver of home prices are schools. I have seen homes on one side of a street

    literally sell for twice as much as homes on the other side of the street because one side of the street was

    zoned to a better school district. Even within a great district I have seen home prices vary more than 50%

    based on elementary school zoning.

    Katy school district’s high rankings positively effects home prices

    Katy’s growth is due in large part to Katy’s schools rankings. Katy is one of the top ranked school districts

    in the state of Texas. Recently Katy students scored one of the states’ highest scores on the TAKS Test

    (over 16% higher than the state average). Katy students also score markedly higher for college

    readiness than the state average. This success has contributed to Katy having one of the top performing

    real estate markets in the country. Home prices continue to climb and developers continue to bring

    fantastic new neighborhoods with spectacular amenities.

    Katy schools and activities are as competitive as the real estate market

    Most people know that Katy High School is consistently competing for the State Football Championship.

    However, they may not know that the competitive nature of Katy schools runs through every level of the

    sports and academia. Katy’s has several athletic programs each year that place near the top of state

    rankings. However, the competition for scholarships and academic achievement are just as fierce. Katy

    sends hundreds kids to the nation’s top rated schools each year. Many parents who move hear from

    other school districts find that their children have to really work to keep up until they begin to understand

    the pace needed to compete at the highest level of Katy’s academic programs. From competitive Theatre

    Programs, to Choir, to Orchestra Katy offers a wonderful top performing opportunity for almost everyone.

    As importantly, Katy offers highly regarded opportunities for children of every academic goal.

    Katy is the best marketed School District in West Houston

    There are several very good school districts in the Houston area. Still, Katy has become one of the most

    sought after. Katy is a top performing school district for sure. However, in addition Katy is probably the

    best marketed school districts in the nation. People are willing to pay more for a brand name, for instance

    people pay more for Coca-Cola than a store brand. The Katy School District has become a brand name

    associated with excellence. This is a complement to the schools performance, fantastic marketing and

    more importantly the great word of mouth the school district has earned over the years. To find out more

    about the Katy School District simply visit http://www.katyisd.org/Pages/default.aspx

    Katy residents drive the success of Katy Schools

    In a recent year over 14,000 residents donated over 750,000 hours of time in the Katy Schools. The Katy

    ISD Leadership team decided a long time ago that strong administrators and teachers were key to a

    schools success. However, if the school was going to be truly great the community would have to be

    involved. The Katy ISD’s VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools) and PIE (Partners in Education) are

    programs that truly helps parents and the community contribute to enrichment of the students. According

    to school administrators these programs have become the fuel that have helped top flight teachers power

    great students.

    A few things that are key to note. Just because a home has a Katy address does not mean it is zoned to

    Katy schools. Thousands of homes with Katy addresses are zoned to other schools. Also, some homes

    with Houston addresses are zoned to Katy schools. I highly recommend finding a top class real estate

    professional to help you find a home zoned to one of the area’s best schools. Contact us today for a private

    tour of homes zoned to Katy ISD.