Hedwig Village Homes For Sale

    Hedwig Village of Memorial Texas

    Hedwig Village, one of the prestigious Memorial Villages, is a small autonomous city within West Houston. The Memorial Villages are beautiful and exclusive, still Hedwig Village is one of the most sought after of all Memorial addresses. The community is close to shopping, the grand City Center and the world-famous Houston Energy Corridor.

    The History of Hedwig Village

    Hedwig Village is named for Hedwig Road which was built across the property of Hedwig Jankowski Schroeder. Schroeder and his wife immigrated to the area from Germany in 1906 to farm. In the 1950’s the community incorporated to avoid annexation by the city of Houston. Hedwig Village felt it was important to protect the country like feel of the community, something that may be damaged by an annexation. The six Memorial Village’s share a fire department but Hedwig Village has an independent police department.

    Hedwig Village Real Estate

    Hedwig Village is one of the most sought after villages in Memorial. Less than twenty homes will come on the market most years. When homes do come on the market, most sell in less than two months and usually for a premium. Most homes sell over the one million dollar mark, and some of the more sought after homes can go for a several million dollars (depending on the home, lot size, location, schools and other amenities). Most lots are larger than standard subdivisions, usually ranging from half an acre to one acre.

    Why Hedwig Village Homes Are In Demand

    Hedwig Village values are driven by the community’s prime location. Hedwig Village is close to I-10, the Energy Corridor and its high paying jobs, and the community is a quick commute to the Galleria and Downtown. Some of the best shopping and dining is just moments away via the City Center and Memorial City Mall. The city operates Hedwig Park, and homeowners are also close to Terry Hershey Park, one of the best parks in the nation for bike riding and running. The original homes were ranch style, but many have given way to grand mansions. Also, many of the homes have been remodeled or rebuilt to allow executives and professionals to take possession without additional work.

    In conclusion, Hedwig Village is a place of beauty and affluence. However, there is a wide range of pricing based on several factors. Selecting a Realtor® with knowledge of the area and a history with luxury homes can be the key to your success. We recommend touring a few of the Memorial Villages before purchasing your luxury home. Our team sells dozens of luxury homes each year. Contact us today!