Grand Lakes Homes For Sale

    Grand Lakes, Katy TX

    “There is never a second chance to make a first impression.”

    This phrase is one of the most overused axioms in the English language. Still, the statement is overused because it is simply true. One community that clearly and firmly understands the importance of the first impression is Grand Lakes.

    Many Grand Lakes entrances feature an intrepid interplay of bubbling waterfalls, impressive neighborhood markers, beautiful gazebos and gorgeous overflowing flowers. The beauty however, goes far beyond the entrances. Grand Lakes delivers long past your first impression.

    Amenities in Grand Lakes

    Trails within the Grand Lakes will take homeowners over beautiful bridges, bubbling streams, multiple lakes, and wisteria covered pergolas and gazebos. Other neighborhood amenities include tennis courts, parks, pools, and splash pads.

    Few neighborhoods offer more inviting places for picnics and outdoor activities than Grand Lakes. With multiple pocket parks, shaded venues and meeting locations your backyard extends far beyond your property lines. Grand Lakes is a sprawling neighborhood located north of 1093, south of I-10 and occupies sections on the east and west side of Rt. 99. Grand Lakes is a popular neighborhood in Katy for energy corridor executives, doctors, and teachers.

    Home Builders In Grand Lakes

    Grand Lakes development was overseen by Trendmaker Development (the same developer as Green Trails, another very successful Katy neighborhood). Trendmaker was also the dominant builder within the neighborhood, offering some of the most innovative facades and interior designs in Katy. Many of Trendmaker’s homes featured port-a-caches and auto courts, this set a tone that many builders would adopt in Katy. Trendmaker smartly partnered with other great builders in Grand Lakes and this led to a wide variety of interesting homes.

    Diversity of Homes in Grand Lakes

    From the smaller garden style homes to the grand lakeside retreats, Grand Lakes features dozens of floor plans. Because of the way the developer used the lakes within the neighborhood there are hundreds of special home sites (lakefront, cul-de-sac, green belt and much more). Few communities feature a more manicured, carefully groomed look. Of course, Grand Lakes offers many opportunities for neighbors to meet one another via the well planned landscape design, as well as community events and activities.

    Grand Lakes Schools

    Grand Lakes is zoned to some of Katy’s best schools. Most schools are within the community or are within walking distance. Several of the schools are Katy’s most competitive, both academically and athletically.

    So although there is no denying the importance of a first impression, be sure to choose a community like Grand Lakes which delivers that impression far beyond its gates. Contact our team today for a free preview.