Fulbrook Homes For Sale

    Fulbrook Is A True Custom Home Community

    Fulbrook is truly a special community offering special homes in the beautiful Houston suburb of Fulshear. There are many beautiful acreage communities in the Houston area.  However, few can offer homeowners the special cocktail of special home sites, natural beauty, custom homes, and community that can be found within the confines of Fulbrook. This article will explore for potential homeowners what makes Fulbrook so special.

    Fulbrook Home Sites Are At Least 1 Acre Up To Multiple Acres Each

    Fulbrook Fulshear Texas 2Each lot has special features due to the character of the land. The most sought after lots reside along Oxbow Lake, the Brazos River, creeks and greenbelts. All homes within Fulbrook are estate homes but there are different levels of grandeur. Homes within the traditional Fulbrook section are all custom-built and range from a little less than a million to a million plus for the more grand estates. The Bessie’s Creek section of Fulbrook usually ranges 25% to 40% less depending on amenities. All sections of Fulbrook feature soaring trees and beautiful flora and fauna. Note that Fulbrook on Fulshear Creek, a beautiful community slightly to the east of Fulbrook, was started by a different developer (under the name Fulshear Creek). However, the forward thinking developers of Fulbrook saw this community as a natural sister community for Fulbrook and acquired it to complete the development. Click here to read about Fulbrook on Fulshear Creek.

    Fulbrook Has Several Wonderful Home Builders

    Many communities integrate some custom home builders within the neighborhood. However, Fulbrook is one of the only communities within the Houston metro area wherein all home sites are completed by custom builders. This means that each homeowner receives a truly exclusive custom-built home on a one of a kind lot. Some of the areas most noted custom builders have built or are currently building homes within the community. Builders like Wiesner Homes, Arrow Custom Homes, Ronny Carrol Custom Homes, Courtland Building Company, Fairmont Custom Homes and Steve Epps Custom Homes have designed master pieces for Fulbrook.

    Fulbrook Fulshear TexasFulbrook and the City of Fulshear have a wonderful sense of community and a special set of amenities that only Mother Nature can provide. Events like movie nights, live music and fireworks show will offer dozens of opportunities to become ingrained into the community. However, Mother Nature provides the best opportunities to meet your neighbors and new friends. Gorgeous creeks, the Brazos River, wooded trails, century old trees and mature forests are all within the confines of Fulbrook and offer great places for adults and children to interact. A popular stop is the bird house village that can be found at Martinville Commons, sure to entertain the family. From late night firefly hunts, to picnics, to kayaking, to trips to the boathouse there are many dream days ahead of future residents.

    In conclusion, Fulbrook and the homes within truly offer opportunities to create long-term memories. As important, home values have continued to climb making Fulbrook a solid long-term investment.  That being said, the differences in each community are tricky for someone new to the area. I highly recommend an experienced Realtor®. See TIM Sell Realty stands ready to help in your home search of this beautiful communities. Contact us today!