Fort Bend Independent School District

    Fort Bend Independent School District

    Fort Bend ISD was formed in 1959 when Sugar Land and Missouri City school districts consolidated. The

    districts spans over 170 miles and includes most of Sugar Land, the city of Meadow Place, sections of

    Pearland, the Fort Bend portion of Missouri City, and the unincorporated communities of Clodine, Four

    Corners, Juliff and Fresno and a portion of Mission Bend. Fort Bend ISD is located in Fort Bend County,

    one of the fastest growing counties in the United States. Each school district has there areas of strength,

    and Fort Bend has more than most.

    The Fort Bend school district’s high rankings positively effects the economy

    The strong growth of Fort Bend County can be attributed to the job growth and Houston’s expansion. Still

    part of the areas success must be attributed to the strong performance of the Fort Bend School District

    and their sister school district, Lamar Consolidated. Like nearby Katy ISD, in a recent report Fort Bend

    outperformed the state average in each TAKS category and college readiness. Fort Bend students

    outperformed the state average by over 10% on the TAKS test and also trended ahead of

    the state for college readiness. Additionally, Fort Bend recently exceeded the Texas Education Agency’s

    performance index in all four categories. Fort Bend ISD also services some of the area’s top master

    planned communities like Sienna Plantation, Riverstone, and Telfair.

    Fort Bend schools enrich the lives of home owners and their children

    As mentioned earlier each school district has special areas where they outperform others. While most

    schools are cutting budgets for the Fine Arts, the Fort Bend ISD is excelling on delivering top flight

    programs to their students. Fort Bend was recently names on the Nation’s Top Schools for Fine Arts


    Fort Bend high schools outperform competitors

    Many Fort Bend High Schools have top performing athletic programs. Many national sports stars have

    been groomed on the court or on the field in the Fort Bend ISD. More importantly, Fort Bend High

    Schools have also been recognized nationally academically. The Washington Post recently ranked

    Clements, Austin, Kempner, Dulles, Hightower, Travis, and Elkins as seven of the top performing high

    schools in the nation. From elementary to high school, Fort Bend has been ranked with the area’s best


    Fort Bend schools are helping to drive up the areas real estate prices

    Home buyers think home prices are driven by the national economy. Homes prices are simply not driven

    by a nationally. Home prices are also not usually driven by a state economy. The local economy can

    impact home prices of course. Still in my experience the largest driver of home prices are schools. I

    have seen homes on one side of a street literally sell for twice as much as a cross street neighbor based

    on school zone. Even within the best districts, I have seen home prices fluctuate more than 50% based

    on elementary school zoning. The Fort Bend School is growing rapidly. Still, district leadership is

    prepared for the growth and the school district has been able to maintain high standards. Fort Bend has

    built a solid reputation and home prices have begun to rise as the community schools flourish.


    In conclusion, Fort Bend is a sought after school district with several top flight schools. Still even in a

    great school district, individual schools can drive home prices and this is true in Fort Bend. A top flight

    Realtor® understands the role schools play in home values. I highly recommend finding a top class real

    estate professional to help you find a home zoned to one of the area’s best schools. I can proudly

    recommend a member of the See TIM Sell Realty Team.