Cy-Fair Independent School District

    Cy-Fair Independent School District

    Most people do not know that Cy-Fair is the actually the third largest school district in the state of Texas,

    servicing well over 100,000 students. Even more impressively Cy-Fair is the largest Recognized School

    District in the state. The districts covers over 188 square miles and includes a small portion of Houston

    (the Fairbanks section), the city of Jersey Village and other incorporated areas of Harris county (including

    Cypress of course). The district was formed when the Cypress and Fairbanks schools narrowly voted to

    join in the late 1930’s. Cy-Fair rest in one of the fastest growing regions of the Houston metro area and is

    positioned to be a strong player in the future of West Houston.

    The Cy-Fair school district’s high rankings positively effects the economy

    The strong growth in the Cy-Fair area can be attributed to the Houston area’s strong economy. However,

    even in a thriving economy some areas do better than others. Cy-Fair has outperformed the averages.

    Part of the success must be attributed to the strong performance of the Cy-Fair ISD. Fantastic master-

    planned communities Towne Lake, Bridgeland, Cypress Creek Lakes, Blackhorse Ranch South, and

    Coles Crossing feed into Cy-Fair. In a recent study Cy-Fair students outperformed the state average on

    the TAKS test and were well above the state average for college readiness. The ISD also met all

    requirements of the Texas Education Agency’s on a recent report.

    Cy-Fair schools are helping to drive up the areas real estate prices

    Some experts think home prices are driven nationally, they are not. Home prices are not even driven by

    a state economy. Local economy does impact home prices of course. Still the largest driver of home

    prices maybe schools. In some cases, homes on one side of a street literally sell for twice as much as

    homes on the other side of the street because one side of the street was zoned to a preferred school

    district. Even within the best districts, I have seen home prices fluctuate more than 50% based on

    elementary school zoning. The Cy-Fair School District has grown rapidly over the last several years.

    District leadership seems prepared for the growth and the school district has been able to improve

    performance while growing. Cy-Fair home prices have been increasing as well and this must be in part

    attributed to the districts performance. Home prices in the community range from starter homes to grand


    The Berry Center, a boon for area home owners

    The Richard E. Berry Educational Support Center was named for former Cy-Fair ISD Superintendent

    Richard E. Berry. The facility features an arena, stadium, theatre, conference center, and food production

    area. The Berry Center is big and grand by even Texas standards. The stadium has 11,000 seats, the

    conference center is 16,000 square feet, and the arena can hold 9500 people. The center is used for

    sporting events, plays, training, education and much more. The Berry Center and the other gorgeous

    facilities in the area show Cy-Fair commitment to the development of their teachers, staff and students.

    The Berry Center is also a really awesome place to just watch a football game. The Berry Center has

    become a point of pride for Cy-Fair ISD, as few districts can match this beautiful facility. However, more

    importantly the district this facility is always in use. Almost every student in the district has benefitted in

    some way from the Berry Center.


    In conclusion, Cy-Fair is position to continue to grow with the community. Remember school districts

    drive home prices as much as almost any factor. A top flight Realtor® understand the role schools play in

    home values. I highly recommend finding a top class real estate professional to help you find a home

    zoned to one of the area’s best schools. I can proudly recommend a member of the See TIM Sell Realty