The Second Home Selling Season is Upon Us

    Katy Texas Home Sales Welcome the Second Home Selling Season

    Everyone knows that the best time to sell your home is during the summer.  However, most people don’t know that the second best time to sell your home is October, November and December.  Let’s analyze the best and worst times to sell your homes.

    So what is the second selling season?

    Home Sales Increase in October, November & DecemberThe second selling season is October, November and December.  Families in Texas are trying to get into their homes before the holidays, so they can enjoy the holidays for with their children, parents, significant others and so on.  Some families even buy homes as gifts for loved ones during this time of year.  However, the biggest reason for the end of year surge is that homeowners that purchase their home before December 31st can get the tax benefit of a homestead exemption for the following year.  This exemption can save homeowners thousands of dollars on their annual tax bill.  We find that because less homes are on the market during this season many homes sell faster than the typical Days on Market during the rest of the year.  If you know of anyone who may want to take advantage of the second selling season give us a call today at 877-313-SELL.

    Next lets briefly explore the other times of the year.

    The best time to sell your home in Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land and West Houston

    The single best time to sell your home is still the window of April 16th (the day after taxes are due) until July 30th.  April and May are the best two months, because the prepared homebuyer is ready to strike.  June is the peak of the summer market.  In July you get the less prepared buyers and people who wait until the last minute.

    The worst time to sell your home is August and September

    By the time that August rolls around, the prepared an anxious home buyers have already found their home of choice.  Also, because of back to school August and September are the worst time to sell your home.  Only the last minute buyers, the unprepared and empty nesters are out there during this time of year looking to purchase a home.

    The wild card of Real EstateJanuary, February and March is the Real Estate Wild Card

    January through March are often called the wild card of Real Estate.  These months are very reliant on job relocations.  Many companies get their new budgets in January and start relocating executives.  So in a strong economy, these months can set up a very strong year (see 2013).  Because inventory is short in these months, a strong relocation market can lead to multiple offers in these months.  However, without a strong economy these months can compete with August and September for the slowest months of the year as less companies are spending money to relocate their employees and are doing their best to avoid additional costs.

    If you would like to find out more about Real Estate in Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land or the West Houston areas estate simply contact, See TIM Sell at Keller Williams via this website today or call 877-313-SELL.  No team understands the real estate market here better.



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