Summer Homestaging Tips

    Summer is one of the busiest seasons for real estate. Everyone is trying to get settled before school starts back up again and to be sure they’re ready for the holidays.

    When you put your home on the market during the summer you want it to sell FAST. The best way to ensure that happens is to hire a licensed Realtor to ensure your home is priced correctly, appraised quickly, and closed easily.

    There are some things you can do to help your Realtor out. One of the most important factors of a home sale is the home www. You want your house to look amazing for any potential home buyers.

    So I’ve collected a few pro tips to stage your home for the summer:

    1. Get that pool sparkling

    Pools are very inviting for summer buyers. It’s easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves sitting out by the pool and relaxing during those brutal summer months here in Texas. Katy homes for sale with a pool truly fly off the market during summer.

    Be sure your pool is in the best shape possible when showing your home. Skim it before a showing just to make sure no extra debris has found it’s way in there between cleanings. Don’t skip cleanings and make sure the water is crystal clear.

    2. Keep your lawn green and tidy

    I know, it’s hard to keep the grass green during summer here in Texas, but it’s worth it. As long as your community is not on water conservation be sure to water your lawn everyday at twilight to keep it looking healthy. Landscaping is the best way to make a first impression. The front yard is often the first thing potential homebuyers see. You want the hedges trimmed, the grass cut, and the flowers alive and blooming during the summer selling season.

    3. Make sure your AC is running well

    It’s hard to imagine any home in Texas being without AC as it is the most important feature in a home when it’s 102 degrees outside. Some people like to conserve energy by keeping the AC set at a higher temperature when they are at work or away from the home. It’s always a great idea to conserve as much as possible, but if you have an unexpected showing you don’t want potential home buyers to be sweating while they look around your home. So while your house in on the market make sure the AC is set to a comfortable setting.

    Make sure your AC is relatively new before putting your home on the market. Any good Realtor will tell you that an old air conditioning unit can end a home sale fast. SO make sure that particular appliance is new and working well.


    These are some great tips for home staging in the summer, but if you’re looking for more please check out this blog on home staging year round, and this blog on how to guarantee a quick home sale.

    If you or someone you know would like a free staging appointment with one of our professional home stagers, please contact us today!

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