Summer Grilling: Tips + Recipe

    Summertime brings along grilling season! Here at See Tim Sell, we know how valuable a home with a great outside porch or patio can be. Today, we’re sharing with you some summer grilling tips + one of our favorite grilling recipes from an amazing blog, The Life Jolie!

    Know your grill. 

    This may sound obvious, but not every grill is created equally. Be sure to read your grill’s instructions and even do a test grill to get familiar with your grill’s nuances.

    Add a smokey flavor. 

    Even if your grill doesn’t operate off of charcoal, you can still add applewood, mesquite, or hickory chunks to create a new flavor. The smoky flavor from each varies. Applewood adds sweetness. Mesquite creates a bit of tanginess, while hickory adds a bacon-like quality to your grilled meat.

    Keep it clean. 

    Before you get started, start with a clean grill. The best way to clean your grill is to scrub it with a stiff wire brush. A clean grill will ensure your meat will have neat grill marks!

    And now… one of our favorite summertime recipes! Grilled Hawaiian Pork Chops bring the tropics right into your backyard. Grilling out creates the opportunity to for more family time or even an excuse to invite the neighbors over. Be sure to click the photo or The Life of Jolie link to get the full recipe.

    Summer Grilling Hawaiian Pork Chops



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