Staging Your Home For A Quick Sale

    One of the most common questions a Realtor gets asked is “How can I sell my home quickly?” Some of the answers seem like common sense: landscaping, new neutral color paint, and cleaning up the facade. Others may seem a bit harsh, like removing religious items. These tips while harsh, are the truth of selling your home fast.

    Katy is growing every year. With that growth there is a lot of real estate up for grabs. If you’re selling your home you’ll want to stand apart from the rest. With the real estate market the hottest it’s been in years you won’t have a hard time selling, but if you want top dollar and multiple offers you’re going to want to stage your home correctly.

    Staging your Home to Sell: The Outside

    160259419Many potential more buyers drive by a home before calling a Realtor to view it. If that first impression doesn’t wow them, they will move on pretty fast. Be sure that the outside of your home is just as welcoming as the inside.

    A major part of the outside of your home is the facade. Any home seller who wishes to sell a home fast needs to give the front of their house a once over. Power wash the siding to give the home a sparkling clean look. Does the roof need to repaired? Better get that fixed before your home goes on the market. Wash the front door, no one wants to knock on a filthy door.

    Another large part of a first impression is the landscaping in the front of the home. Have you ever driven by a home that has weeds in the flower bed and overgrown grass? It can look pretty trashy and not welcoming at all. On the other side is a perfectly cared for garden with lavish pink flowers, ivy, palm trees, sunflowers, roses, and so much more. This may be perfect for some, but others will just see their weekend taken over by gardening. The key is to meet somewhere in the middle. A well maintained front yard with a few flowers here and there is perfect.

    Staging Your Home to Sell: The Inside

    Once potential home buyers are wowed by the front of your home, they’ll be inside looking around before you know it. If they walk in and the 475076711walls are yellow and pink they might sign right there or go running for the hills. With loud statement colors you’re never sure if someone will like your style or be a bit nauseated by the color scheme. Your best bet is a fresh coat of neutral colors. Grey is a popular choice these days and gives your home a fresh modern look.

    Things that can make your house a home by personalizing it may not be the best bet for www. Those pictures of your grandchildren in the bathtub are adorable, but when you let a potential home-buyer into your home they need to be able to imagine themselves living in it. This rule applies to family photos, knick knacks that could clutter your shelves, unique artwork, and even religious items. You may love that nude oil painting hanging in the den, but it may be time to hang a Venice Street scene instead. You want to try and appeal to everyone’s taste. The best way to do that is go for neutral instead of unique.

    Staging Your Home to Sell: The Smell

    potThere’s a saying in the See Tim Sell Realty office: “If it stanks, no thanks.” Yes the misspelling is on purpose! It’s a solid rule to live by when staging your home. The number one reason a potential home buyer will walk away from the sale is because of the smell. We get accustomed to our house’s smell. It smells like home. To a stranger’s nose though, it might smell like dog, tobacco, or garlic.

    This one is a relatively easy fix. A fresh coat of paint as mentioned above does wonders for the scent of a home. Giving the carpets a deep clean works well too. After all that is done you can always light scented candles, use a simmering fragrance pot , febreeze or homemade febreeze , and even a scent infuser.

    You can do all of this, but if you don’t have a fantastic Realtor your home may sit on the market for months, even years! To ensure your home sells quickly make sure you have a qualified Realtor by your side. When selling a home in Katy, the best option is See Tim Sell Realty. Call us today to set up an appointment! 1-855-331-SELL (7355)

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