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    Shaping the Future, One Smiling Face at a Time

    How do you stand out among the 33,000 marketing messages you are bombarded with daily? “From our crazy wrapped cars, to our full sized Mascot BIG TIM, to our colorful ads, our team is definitely known for our marketing” says marketing expert Tim Sojka, president of See Tim Sell Realty.

    “Yes the crazy marketing gets people’s attention and it captures a lot of first time clients, however the secret to success is pleasing your clients during the real estate transaction and then continuing to spoil them after they close. Most real estate agents forget about the clients after a property closes. We do not.”

    Katy Realtor and Client Appreciation

    The team started sending clients and their children Oh La La Cup Cakes on their birthdays, and they experienced an incremental increase of brand recognition. “We noticed the more we did for our clients the more our business grew, so we decided to see how much we could do for them,” says Tim. Next came the team’s famous Pie Day. Three times a year (Easter, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving) Tim and the team give fresh baked pies to any past client. After pie day was started business grew even more, so Tim implemented a catered, family, movie night at Alamo Draft House.

    Realtors in Katy are highly competitive. The Katy real estate market is one of the hottest in the country. Because of the growth in this city, Realtors have to do more than just list homes and slap a few photographs on the internet. See Tim Sell Realty strives to be so much more. These Realtors truly care about their clients. Now they’ve gone above and beyond.

    Katy Realtor Will Lend You His Truck!

    Tim believed he could do much more, so he searched for something new to launch this year. After consulting with his marketing team and his advertising firm, Oak Interactive, Tim purchased a moving truck that his clients can use for free anytime. “Selling homes quickly or helping our valued clients find their dream home is important, sure” says Tim “but, it is service after the sale that takes your business to the next level. Remember, paying it forward pays back.” Contact See Tim Sell Realty at 877.313.SELL,

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