Six Easy Ways to Raise the Value in Your Home

    As a top Katy Realtor® I’m often asked all kinds of questions by clients, friends, and family members. What’s the Real Estate market like right now? How does oil affect the market? How do I acquire a home loan? All of these are valid and important questions, but the one question I get over and over again is “How do I raise the value of my home?” It’s such a common question I’ve decided to let everyone in on a few trade secrets.

    In today’s real estate market you want to get top dollar for your home and sell it fast. One easy way to do both is to apply some of these easy tips and tricks. Your home is where the heart of your family resides, so of course it’s been lived in. There’s no hiding that, but there are some things you may not notice because you see them every day. Maybe you have noticed and just decided “hey, I can live with that.” A great first step is to have a friend or neighbor come over and take a look around. With a fresh sight of eyes on the case they may see things that you’ve grown accustomed to. Along with help from an outside source here are some easy fixes that are sure to raise the value of your home.

    1. Trim those bushes!

    LandscapeThe front yard is one of the first things a prospective homebuyer sees. You want to be sure your landscaping is pristine. Plant some white flowers and mow the lawn. It’s important that the front and back landscaping is appealing to homebuyers while being neutral enough to appeal to almost anybody. So prune those limbs! A great garden can be the one thing that has a homebuyer saying “This is our new home”. In Katy, TX real estate, landscaping is important. With the hot summer months it’s common for your grass to just wither away to brown nothingness. Don’t let that happen while selling your home for top dollar!

    2. Make some ROOM!

    Everyone loves an airy space. Open the place up a bit. If you’ve got a non-loadbearing wall, it may be time to knock it down to make a huge open space. Maybe it’s time to remove that chunky kitchen island too. In modern real estate it’s all about that space…’bout that space, no clutter.

    3. Light it up!

    Another great way to add value to your home for sale is to bring in as much light as possible. Open up the window shades, pull back those curtains, turn on the lamps! If your light fixtures are straight out of the seventies it might be time for an upgrade. If you have the means, a skylight in the kitchen is a great way to bring in the light and create an illusion of more space.

    4. Fix it up!

    d6d05ec917acedc1f2fb398a5893bdd3If you’re a Modern Family fan, you know our favorite fictional Realtor has a problem with handy work. Through all the seasons Phil has still yet to fix that darn step! But, if he were to put his house on the market, surely he would get on it! Any good Realtor knows it’s the little things that could turn a homebuyer away. That drawer doesn’t pull out all the way, the faucet in the kid’s bathroom has been leaking, and the attic light hasn’t worked in years. These things may be fine for you, but homebuyers want a clean start. So bust out the tool box and fix that step!

    5. Be matchy matchy!

    I know no one wants everything to match. There is one area where we can all agree that matching is best though….appliances. If you’ve got a black fridge and stove, but a white dishwasher it can clash harshly in the eyes of a prospective homebuyer when they’re viewing your home for sale. It’s a pretty easy fix. No I don’t expect you to go out and buy all new appliances. You can order panels from the manufacturer so that everything matches. I’ll clue you in on a trade secret too…..Most dishwasher panels are double sided: black on one side and white on the other.

    6. Glam up the front door!

    We talked a bit about first impressions and the yard, now let’s talk about another first impression….your front door. It’s easy for home owners to ignore this one. It’s just a door right? Wrong! It’s the main entrance into your home. You may go in the garage door or back door, but homebuyers will enter through the front. It’s time to revamp that beauty. Throw on a fresh coat of paint or stain. Even if you love the color of your door at least give it a good washing. Dirt and grime build up on a front door like no other.

    So there you have it folks, six easy ways to get more value from your home. If you’re serious about selling your home for top dollar and fast then you’re looking for a top real estate team. See Tim Sell Realty will sell your home for 29 days or less, guaranteed. Contact us today!

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