Safer Katy Streets

    stop-duiKaty is one of the safest communities in the Houston metropolitan area. We have a top rated school, low crime, quiet streets, and a Starbucks on every corner. In short it’s the perfect suburb.

    Now Fort Bend County Constables are trying a new approach to combat drinking and driving. While the police will still be patrolling for drunk drivers, they launched an innovative prevention program for New Years Eve this year.

    Rob Cook, the constable that came up with this game changing idea, wanted a safe way for people who may have had a bit too much on New Years to get home safely.

    For the New Year Cook and some of his fellow constables offered free rides to those who celebrated the New Year and realized Uber’s surcharges were impossibly high or just didn’t really plan ahead for a designated driver.

    14 people took advantage of the precincts Safe Streets pilot program. That’s 14 drunk drivers off the Cinco Ranch roads on one of the highest celebrated holidays of the year.

    The program’s success has had the desired impact: safer streets and fewer drunk drivers.

    Cook said we may be seeing these amazing police officers offering rides for all the major celebration holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day and the Fourth of July. We may even have a ride for the Super Bowl!

    Our police officers work every day to keep us safe. This new program is doing just that. Keeping the streets safe and Katy residents out of jail.

    Remember: Stay alive, don’t drink and drive.



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