People call me crazy, but I have more fun and sell more houses


    Real estate is a stressful and heart breaking business. When you are in charge of

    selling someone’s largest investment, there are often high stakes. Many real estate

    professionals lose their passion for the job because of the long hours and tough

    circumstances of our profession. I feel we must take our client’s concerns and business

    seriously. Still, few professions offer as many chances to have fun as ours. We just

    have to take advantage of these chances not only to nourish our souls, but to grow our

    business. Below are a list of the craziest things we have done to build or business (note:

    there are larger agents out there, but we will do a little over 200 transaction this year, so

    this stuff works, I promise)

    “You are either the biggest idiot I ever met or a freaking genius”

    These were the words out of one of my best friend’s mouth when we wrapped our cars.995088_591453807553536_5928459565038631020_n

    We did not just wrap our cars, we put a giant cartoon picture of me on them and turned them an obvious shade of baby blue. After ten years our cars are like a local landmark.

    Everyone knows us. Also, some agents said we would only sell cheap homes with such a gaudy marketing tactic. Our ticket average is higher than the market average, and I had to get my luxury certification because I have sold so many high end homes now. I am not saying you have to wrap your car, but I am saying look for more ways to have fun. We now have four wrapped vehicles and we often catch people taking pictures with them.

    “You spend over $1,000 a month with a local bakery. That seems pretty stupid”

    These were the words from another agent’s mouth when they saw my bakery bill. We

    encourage our clients to come by and pick up a free pie a few days before

    Thanksgiving, July 4th, and Easter. This gives us a chance to see our clients again,

    catch up, and collect referrals from them. We literally give out hundreds of pies each

    holiday. Additionally, we get our clients and VIP’s birthdays when we meet them for the

    first time. All of our clients and family members get a coupon to a local bakery for a

    cupcake on their birthday. Clients love this program and we get to stay top of mind. In

    many homes I am not their Realtor to the kids, but rather “the Cupcake Guy”.

    “Buying a moving truck is a bad idea with all of the headaches.”

    10557227_575674372464813_2767752096603325701_nMany people warned me about all of the negatives of owning a moving truck. Still, as we were looking for ways to do more for our clients we noticed a consistent complaint from people moving into the city. Many of our clients could not find a moving truck and they were booked weeks in advance. We looked at this as another opportunity to give back. Our team purchased a moving truck that our clients can use for free. The truck has been a big hit with our clients and vendors, and can often be seen around town. It only adds to the fun

    “You a Realtor® not a fast food restaurant, you don’t need a mascot”

    Yep, we got a mascot too. Everyone told me I was an idiot when we got the mascot.11705343_683268811705368_845806041744103926_n

    Still, the first week we had our mascot he led to a home sell and paid for the expense.

    The name of our company is See Tim Sell Realty, so our mascot is called Big TIM. Big TIM has been a big hit where ever he goes. We are even dressing him up this Holiday Season as SanTIM Clause. Working with the mascot is the most fun we have had and our clients love him.

    We have found the more fun we have and the more we invest in our clients the more our business grows. So, when you’re ready to know someone who will relocate to a premier home in the West Houston area, we recommend viewing a few communities before deciding on one (contact us for a list). We hope you will consider a real estate team that always gives back to the community and their clients.

    Contact See Tim Sell Properties today.877-313-SELL

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