Operation Declutter: 3 Quick Ways to Clear Out Your Home

    declutter your home

    Decluttering your home can be the first step to a successful home sale.

    With the new year, many of us make the resolution to get organized. The idea of having an uncluttered home sounds so attractive, yet it often seems impossible. The decluttering process leaves some people feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a few minutes and check out these few simple was that you can cut back on the clutter around your home and in your closet!

    Operation Declutter: 3 Quick Ways to Clear Out Your Home

    Fill a Trash Bag

    Using a regular trash bag, walk around your home and start tossing out papers, misplaced trash items (such as food wrappers or paper cups), broken toys and other broken items, clothing with holes or stains, etc. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll fill up the bag with trash items that have just been piling up. Do the same thing with items to be donated. Without even having to sort, you’ll find items to be donated right out in the open. Start there and you’ll be motivated to keep going.

    Take the Backwards Hanger Challenge

    Is finding anything in your closet a challenge? Try this simple action- Each time you wear and return something to the closet, turn the hanger opposite of your other hangers. In just a few month’s time, you’ll find out which clothes you’re not wearing. This will make it much easier when you’re ready to donate them.

    Weekly 12-12-12 Challenge

    The kids will want to get in on this one too! Each week, find 12 things to throw out, 12 things to donate, and 12 things to put back in the proper space. Is 12 too large of a number? Adjust it to what fits your family’s needs. Soon enough, you’ll have pared down on the clutter in your home and everyone will feel better for it.

    Now the you’re organized and cutting down on the clutter, your home will be in good shape to sell. Contact us at See Tim Sell and we’ll give you the additional support you’ll need to move forward.

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