Most Expensive Real Estate Markets

    The Texas real estate market is hotter than it’s ever been. Katy real estate is even better. It’s considered a seller’s market, but even buyers get a deal in comparison to other parts of the country. Coldwell Banker pulled data on the average prices of four bedroom 2 bathroom homes from all over the country.

    The data was accumulated between January, 2014 and June, 2014. It’s clear that California is the most expensive place to live in this county. Nine out the ten cities listed are located in California:

    Top Ten Expensive Markets

    1. Los Altos, CA – $1,963,100

    2. Newport Beach, CA – $1,904,083

    3. Saratoga, CA – $1,867,980

    4. Redwood City/Woodside, CA – $1,430,329

    5. Los Gatos, CA – $1,307,408

    6. San Francisco, CA – $1,294,250

    7. Sunnyvale, CA – $1,267,185

    8. Moraga, CA – $1,129,300

    9. San Mateo, CA – $1,093,346

    10. Wellesley, MA – $1,090,089

    Katy Real Estate

    In comparison the average home in Katy typically goes for $362,739. This number is the average of Katy, TX homes for sale as of November, 5th. The average cost of a four bedroom like the ones priced above is a cool $358,466. That is a drastic difference in the California market.

    Katy homes may be listed inexpensively, but the quality of these homes is unmatched. In other words: they’re inexpensive, but not cheap! Katy real estate comes with way more than just a house. Katy has some of the best schools in the state for academics, athletics, and fine arts. Student life in Katy is thriving. Katy also offers amazing amenities. Master planned communities are all over the place. These communities feature walking trails, lakes, community centers, and in some places shops and restaurants. You get quite the bang for your buck here in Katy.

    Even though most homes in the area are amazing, you want a licensed Realtor to help you navigate your way through this market. If you’re selling your Katy home you can easily get over asking price in days with the right Realtor. If you’re considering buying a home in the area, you need a Realtor to show you the tricks of the trade. For both circumstances the obvious answer is the top Realtors in Katy: See Tim Sell Realty.

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