Money Saving Tips On Your Electric Bills

    5 Homeowner Tips to Save Money on Electricity

    Every month, homeowners have to lay out money to pay utility bills for their home. Rather than get frustrated and continue to pay more than necessary, many homeowner choose to find ways to reduce spending on electricity without impacting their comfort. Saving a few hundred or more every year provides homeowners a good reason to improve their energy-efficiency and reduce the amount of energy drawn from providers.

    Explore the following tips for free and low-cost ways to meet energy demands in a home while paying less starting today.

    Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Katy Area Electric BillsUse Efficient Lighting

    Energy-efficient lighting can last longer than traditional bulbs and make it less expensive to illuminate a home. Today’s efficient lightbulbs are known to retain more energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, such as in the case of LED lightbulbs. Less energy need to be drawn from a utility company or provided from solar panels to light a home with the advanced technology involved in energy-efficient light options.

    Reduce Use Consciously

    It does not take much to turn off lights when a room is not in use. Many homeowners also turn to using dimmers and lighting controls to decrease energy usage. Many homeowners realize that appliances that are turned off but continue to be plugged in to an outlet still draw electricity. Unplugging devices and appliances not in use, such as a television in a guest bedroom, can help to reduce electric costs. Unplugging a cable box not in use can save homeowner’s an extra $17.83. Tally up all of the devices plugged in and not being used and consider how easily it would be to potentially save a hundred or two every year simply by unplugging the devices. Lastly, using washers, dryers and dishwashers less frequently and only with full loads also help conserve energy and cut costs. Do a nightly sweep before bed or leaving the house to start saving more money on electricity.

    Maintain Appliances

    Energy Efficient Homes in KatyAppliances and HVAC systems that continue to operate with broken parts or coils must use more energy to perform the same job as properly-maintained appliances. Homeowners dedicated to maintaining washer and dryers, dishwashers, lighting fixtures and HVAC systems can decrease their home’s energy consumption. When it comes to the HVAC system, switching to reusable filters can make it easy to clean a filter and reduce electric consumption. Permanent filters are the best choice to save money over the long term.

    When it is time to make a switch, choosing appliances with the ENERGY STAR label can provide homeowner’s with more energy-efficient options which can serve to reduce electric bills. Look for the star when searching for a new air conditioner unit, dishwasher, refrigerator or other large appliance. Homeowners may even take advantage of available federal and state tax credits to integrate technologies to improve energy-efficiency in a home.

    Seal and Insulate a Home

    Gaps and cracks in a home may force an HVAC system or window air conditioner unit to work harder to heat or cool a home, respectively. Gaps and cracks create leaks in a home’s envelope allowing warmed or cooled air to easily escape a home. Filling gaps around windows and doors and adding attic insulation as part of sealing a home can serve to improve humidity control and energy-efficiency. Not addressing this issue in the average home is like trying to cool or heat a home but leaving a window open year round. The type of windows you have are important as well — newer, more efficient models can help insulate a home more than an old set that is properly insulated/sealed. Homeowners can stay comfortable while consuming less energy to heat or cool their home. A number of projects are available on the website for owners who are looking to seal and insulate their home.

    Shop for a Provider Near You

    Deregulation in energy markets in Texas came in 1999 with Senate Bill 7. Some utility and co-ops owned by municipalities may have chosen to stick with public electric providers. However, there are more providers than ever before.

    Homeowners can shop around for electricity in areas where energy is deregulated. This allows homeowners to find the most affordable and dependable provider to meet their home’s continuous energy needs.

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