Memorial Herman Building New Hospital In Cypress Texas

    Construction to begin in early 2015 on Memorial Hermann’s Cypr

    Cypress real estate is booming these days. More people are in search of beautiful Cypress homes for sale than ever before. The city is expecting more than 100,000 new residents in the next decade. The cities impressive growth can be attributed to many things, the homes are gorgeous, the schools are great, and the commute to town isn’t very long.

    One thing is for sure, as a town grows more medical services are needed. Well, Memorial Hermann saw this need in Cypress. In early October Memorial Hermann Health Systems announced plans to open a new hospital on 290 between Mason and Mueschke. The $168 million Cypress campus will be built on 32 acres.

    Cypress Memorial Hermann in 2015

    This year construction will begin on phase one of the Memorial medical campus. The first phase should be completed by late 2016. An emergency medical office will be built first. Along with a primary care office as well. There are also plans for ambulatory services and doctor’s offices.

    These will allow patients to get the emergent care they need even before the rest of the campus and hospital are finished. The primary care doctors will be able to help patients who are not emergent, but still need a doctor. Having both care facilities will be sure to reduce emergency wait times.

    Cypress Memorial Hermann Campus in 2016

    The second phase of construction will begin at the end of 2015 and should be complete around 2016. This is where the impressive parts of the campus will be built. The hospital will have an eighty bed occupancy for patients recovering from surgery and other conditions. A state of the art operating room will be staffed with exceptional surgeons and nurses. There will also be a 16 bed intensive care unit and neonatal intensive care unit. Even with all this going into the campus Memorial Hermann Health Systems have left plenty of room to grow. As Cypress grows and improves, so will this spectacular health campus.

    Health Care and Cypress Real Estate

    As long as Cypress real estate is a hot ticket item, the town will continue to grow. This growing population will not only need places to live, shop, eat and play, but also a place to get well. The better the health care in an area the more attractive it is to possible home buyers. This area is booming, and will only continue to get better. Memorial Hermann recognizes this growth. With this new hospital there will be more jobs. More jobs mean more homes. More homes mean more people in need of health care.

    If you’re looking for a forever home in this impressive town, please call See Tim Sell Realty today for a free tour of the area.

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