Katy’s Hottest Real Estate Zip Codes

     Katy Area ZIP Codes

    Katy is one of the best real estate markets in the country. This incredible city has great schools, is close to the Energy Corridor, and has great shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Here is a list of some of the hottest ZIP Codes and what makes them so desirable.

     77094 (South of I-10 near Barker Cypress)

    Technically a Houston address that is zoned to Katy schools, this ZIP Code offers a lot of great qualities. This ZIP Code boasts the highest ticket average because it is closest to the Energy Corridor and West Houston Medical Center. Average sales prices for 77094 are just below $475,000. Key neighborhoods within this ZIP Code are Green Trails and Windsor Park Lakes.


    77449 (mostly North of I-10, East of 99)

    This ZIP Code is hot. 77449 boasts the lowest “days on the market” of all Katy ZIP Codes.  This is the most affordable ZIP Code in Katy and features plenty of new and existing homes for sale. This ZIP Code has the second highest amount of sales. The average sales price in this ZIP Code is still below $200,000.  Key neighborhoods are Westfield and Raintree Village.

    77493 (mostly North of I-10, West of 99)

    Builders love this ZIP Code. Commonly referred to as Old Town Katy, this area boasts the highest percentage of new-build sales of all Katy ZIP Codes. Like 77449, there are plenty of new and existing inventories here. Ticket averages here are a little below $300,000. Key neighborhoods are Old Town Katy, Cane Island, Elyson, Lakecrest and Ventana Lakes.

    77494 (mostly South of I-10, West of 99)

    This has been the hottest ZIP Code for a long time in Katy and is now one of the steadiest. This ZIP Code boasts short days on the market, the most sought-after schools, and one of the highest ticket averages. This ZIP Code has the most new-home sales of any ZIP Code in 2017. This ZIP Code also boasted the most sales in 2017. Ticket averages here are a little below $375,000.  Key neighborhoods are Cinco Ranch West, Seven Meadows, Grand Lakes, and Firethorne.


    77450 (mostly South of I-10, West of 99)

    This is one of the most established areas in Katy. Great homes with mature trees and larger lots-highlight this area. This area has the second shortest “days on the market” and a ticket average near $300,000.  Homes in this ZIP Code are known to sell quickly due to its close-in location.  Key neighborhoods are Nottingham Country, Kelliwood, Cinco Ranch, Grand Lakes.



    77441 (West Katy and Fulshear)

    This ZIP Code has the second highest percentage of new-builds and the second highest ticket average. This area also has the best growth potential of any Katy-area ZIP Code.  The ticket average here is a little below $450,000. Key neighborhoods are Cross Creek Ranch and Churchill Farms.

    A great Realtor® makes a huge difference when trying to locate the right ZIP Code for you. When you’re ready, we recommend viewing a few communities before deciding on one. Contact See TIM Sell Property Group today or call 877-313-SELL for a complete list of Katy neighborhoods.

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