Katy ISD is Digital

    Katy ISD is one of the best districts in the area, Texas, and even the nation. It’s no wonder Katy homes for sale fly off the market when the schools in these neighborhoods are top notch. Katy schools are always striving to be the top schools in every aspect of education.

    Katy in the Digital Age

    We live in a digital world. Long gone are the days of snail mail, pagers, and phones with cords on them. Schools in KAty are no different than the rest of the world. Trying to communicate with so many schools in one district can be challenging, but Katy takes the challenge head on.
    The Center for Digital Education and National School Board’s Association conducts an annual survey to find out which districts in the nation strive to excel in digital aspects of the education and communication. The 10th anniversary Digital School Districts Survey ranked Katy ISD second in the nation.
    This means that Katy ISD excels in utilizing technology in governing all the different campuses, communicating with parents and students through digital means, and generally increase productivity in the district.

    Katy Schools and Katy Home Sales

    This is good news for home owners and possible home buyers in Katy, TX. The back bone of any strong real estate market is the schools in the area. Katy ISD’s growth and improvement means these schools are only getting better and stronger, therefore strengthening home values in Katy and west Houston.

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