Katy Is Where Every Student Wants to Be!

    Katy Realtors® are some of the luckiest in the area. The homes here practically sell themselves. One of the biggest draws of Katy is the school district. Katy ISD is highly acclaimed. The district boasts some of the best test scores in that state. Students are very likely to continue their education after graduating from a Katy ISD school. Katy Realtors® know exactly where to place a family based on their children’s needs. Parents love Katy schools, but what about the kids? What is student life in Katy like?
    First and foremost, let’s crunch some numbers:

    • Only 1% of Katy students drop out of high school, that’s more than half the state average
    • The district spend $4,776 per student on academic programs alone
    • 87% of students pass all of the TAKS tests, compared to the 75% state average
    • The average SAT score is higher than the state: 1082 vs 985
    • Katy students average better on the ACTs too: 23.6 vs 20.5

    These numbers show how dedicated Katy teachers are to their students. More importantly it shows how dedicated Katy students are to their studies. During finals week every Denny’s and IHOP in the city is packed full of students cramming for tests and possibly sneaking a coffee behind their parent’s back. Students in Katy care about their future, simply because the district cares so much. Kids actually enjoy going to Katy schools. There’s every opportunity to succeed here. It’s not just all studying math and English. There’s plenty of fun to be had too.

    Katy Athletics

    footballThe Katy Tiger football is a national legend. These boys have battled every year for decades and they know what they’re doing. The team has been to state countless times. Every team in the city fears facing the Tigers. Have been beasts out on the football field the last few years, and Seven Lakes is right behind them.

    Student athletes are having the time of their lives, and some don’t even realize it at the time! Many football players reminisce about their time playing for their Katy school. Mayde Creek may not be winning state, but their players have a ton of heart and enjoy every minute on the field.

    Katy student athletes aren’t just football players! Every sport is represented in Katy: baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, there is even a quidditch team! Programs like this ensure that students have a rich experience, not just a degree.

    Katy Schools Art Programs

    Mayde-Creek-HS-Marching-Band-285x160Across the board Katy schools work hard to bring the arts to students. Mayde Creek High School has a powerhouse choir. Every school has an exemplary art program. Every campus enriches a student’s life with exposure to fine arts like theater, choir, dance, photography, band, orchestra, jazz band and art classes. Each of these programs ranks in the top percentile state wide.

    The arts programs are essential to a rounded education and school experience. From elementary to high school students get a chance to express themselves creatively in an encouraging environment. Many children show an exceptional talent in the fine arts. What’s great is that Katy ISD makes sure students get a chance to be involved in any extracurricular activity they want. Football players can be seen in photography class. Band members can try out for plays right alongside the varsity soccer player. Katy ISD is a bully-free zone that allows children to explore their talents.

    It’s amazing being a student at Katy ISD. It’s a great feeling to say “I’m a Cinco Ranch Alumni”. With an impressive graduation rate almost every student that walks into an elementary school is pretty much guaranteed to walk the stage 12 years later. If you want your children to have the BEST chance for their future, you want to move to Katy! Contact See Tim Sell Realty today for a free tour of the area and its schools. 1-855-331-SELL

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