Investment Tip #5: GET HELP

    We’ve been covering all the ways to make buying your investment property easier. First of all you need to know what your goals are for the property. with out knowing what you want you can’t really go after it can you? We also went over finding the right property, knowing the neighborhood, and understanding¬†your cash flow.

    You can do all of those things on your own and succeed as an investment property owner. The thing is a licensed Realtor already knows which properties are right for your goals.

    Realtors understand that different homes are better for different real estate goals. They know which one is a flip and which one is a rental.

    Realtors know the neighborhoods in the area. They work these areas all day every day. You may be dabbling in real estate for extra income, or just starting out, but Realtors live and breath real estate. They know which neighborhoods are great for renters and which one wouldn’t be pleased to see renters moving in.

    Realtors understand how cash flow works. They have a ton of resources to know how much the repairs will cost. They can tell you what similar homes have been rented out for.

    Really your most valuable resource when buy investment properties is a Realtor. If you’re looking into investment properties in the Houston area, don’t hesitate to call See Tim Sell.

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