How to Stage Your Home For Sale: Landscaping

    Staging your home for sale is the most important aspect of selling your home besides hiring a licensed Realtor. Potential home buyers need to feel welcomed in the home. They need to be able to envision living in the house. There are many tips for home www. Decluttering is a great first step. You want the home to be neutral in taste. Taking down family photos and religious items is a great way for the home to appear neutral to all kinds of people.

    The first thing a potential homebuyer sees is the front yard of your home. Katy homes for sale usually have an array of different landscaping styles. While landscaping is up to personal taste, when you consider selling your home it’s best to be as neutral and clean as possible.

    Staging Your Landscaping: The Flowers

    flowersFlowers are a key part of any landscaping. Everyone loves flowers, and every woman has her favorite. When selecting flowers for your home that you’re putting on the market it’s best to stay neutral. Some people hate pink flowers. Some people love them. It’s hard to gauge what your future home buyer will like. When choosing flowers what could be the most neutral color? White is an excellent choice. It’s beautiful and nonabrasive. White flowers don’t scream “Look at me”.

    Even with white flowers you want to have the right amount of blossoms in your yard. With too little in the flower bed a home can look bare, maybe even sad. Too many flowers in the yard can be overwhelming for some buyers. So an organized bed with a sprinkle of color is your best bet.

    Staging Your Landscaping: Keep it Clean

    The most important part of landscaping is to ensure that your yard looks tidy. Pick up the kids toys and put them in the garage before a showing 7327057698_ac6a095daa_bor open house. Weed that flower bed out so your flowers can really shine. You don’t want anything to look messy in your home. Mow the lawn every week or more if it starts to look shaggy in any way. Your home needs to feel comfortable for other people. The first impression is key for this.

    When you’re selling your home, staging is a major factor. More importantly though is getting the right Realtor. A fantastic Realtor will offer a home staging expert to come into the home and make sure it’s ready for immediate sale. See Tim Sell Realty is the top real estate team in Katy, TX. They know exactly how your home will sell fast and for top dollar. If you’re ready to take the plunge and sell, contact See Tim Sell Realty today.

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