‘Grand Texas’ Houston’s new theme park

    The time line for Houston’s newest theme park has been announced!


    Soon enough we will see a brand new theme park. (RIP Astroworld.) I know we’ve all been missing roller coasters and games and popcorn and drinks and slides and all the things that come along with having our own theme park in the Houston area.

    Luckily Grand Texas will be more than just a theme park. Located in New Caney, this will be a megaplex of shopping, entertainment, rides, restaurants, and camping.

    Although Grand Texas was scheduled to open its doors in May of 2016 the new opening date will be late in 2017. It takes time to build something as extravagant as this park.

    What Is Grand Texas?

    The megaplex will be much more than just a theme park. So what all is going to be included? Here’s the list so far:

    • A total of 610 acres in New Caney
    • An outlet mall with many shopping options
    • 40 acre water park
      • This water park will be the second largest in Houston and will have everything you can imagine for summer time fun
    • 83 acre Sportsplex
    • 30 acre Speedsports Racing Park
    • RV park with 149 lots for weekend fun
    • 4 Hotels for those who don’t feel much like camping!

    With all of this and more we’re waiting on the edge of our seats for the Grand Opening in late 2017!


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