Geico Helps Grow Katy With More Jobs Than Ever!

    The Katy branch of Geico is celebrating one full year in the jewel of west Houston. The major insurance company first opened December 2nd, 2013. The office, located off of Interstate 10 is already well known to most Katy residents as the place to drop of your resume.

    Katy has grown exponential over the last five years. We now have our own smaller version of the Med Center, dubbed the West Houston Medical Center. New homes are being built all over south Katy, with more communities planned for the next few years. The job growth in Katy has really geared up in the last few years. Geico is a large part of that job growth.

    Geico Already Helps Drive Jobs in Katy

    When the office first opened a year ago they started off with only 15% of their workforce being transfers. These employees were transferred to train and supervise the new hires. That means 85% of Geico’s Katy work force were new hires. Geico believes in promoting from within as much as possible, so most positions were entry level jobs.

    After the first “hiring blitz” when the doors opened the workforce grew from 70 employees to hundreds. In the first months Geico received ten thousand applications and resumes for employment. The word’s out, Geico is the place to be.

    Not only were there hundreds of new jobs for Katy residents, they were great jobs! Geico is known for taking great care of their employees. Most receive benefits and great wages. The best thing about this branch of the insurance company is its location! No more sitting in traffic to get to work from Katy. Geico is right here.

    Geico Adding 300 Jobs in Katy

    Now Geico is expecting to enter phase two of its build out. This phase is expected to be completed much quicker than originally anticipated. As of right now Geico employs 540 employees. These workers are housed in a 135,000 square foot office building. Phase two will expand this to make room for the newer employees.
    The hiring management expects to add around 300 new people to the payroll. Most of these jobs will be entry level positions. The insurance company is also hiring for the management development program as well. These three hundred jobs will most likely pay between $30,000 to $40,000 a year starting salary.

    With job growth happening all over Katy it’s no wonder people are flocking to this side of Houston. The commute is no longer an issue if we have all the jobs right here. So if you’re a doctor, teacher, oil field worker, and now insurance agent, you can find your perfect job right here in Katy. What about the perfect home? You might want some help in that area. Call the real estate team that knows Katy best for your free tour of the area. Call See Tim Sell Realty.

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