Funny & Stupid Things That Have Happened To Me In Real Estate

    Just in the past few weeks one of my agents face planted and ruined her new Cole Haan shoes, and another of my team arrived at a showing and forgot his Supra Key (and lost the client). These occurrences made me think of all of the stupidest and craziest things that have happened to me in Real Estate. I thought it would be fun to list a few of them so you could laugh at my misfortune, and perhaps you can leave your own story.

    God Told Me My Selling Price

    I am a Christian and I fully and wholly believe in Christ. Still, I did not feel he often gets involved in local real estate transactions. One day I was proven wrong! I interviewed for a particular listing and all comparable sales said the home would sell for about $285,000. My client explained to me that God told her that the home would sell for $325,000. I politely told her that God was always right. Then I asked “did he mention how fast it would sell at that price because the market will not support $325,000.” She assured me that the market would indeed support her price. Her listing expired with me multiple times, however she kept renewing with me. The market rose slowly, but it did rise and although the woman did not quite get her price she got very close.

    The Nestea Plunge

    Realtors® often walk backwards, when we are showing the features of a home. This can be very dangerous, especially in backyards. I was showing a beautiful backyard retreat and I was pointing out all of the positive features, while walking backwards. Just then, I felt the terrible sensation of nothing under my feet. My client reached out for me but decided she might get pulled into the pool by her idiot (me) Realtor®. She quickly pulled her hand away as I fell back and did the Nestea plunge into the pool.

    I am not sure what was worse, falling into the pool or getting out and realizing I would have to jump back in for my phone or driving back to my house to change clothes or not selling the home.

    Real Estate Reveal

    A client and I walked upstairs in an average home and looked into a neighbor’s yard. There were naked people laying out by the pool. My client commented as they walked away and said “I hate the home, but I still might buy it (for the record they did not)”.

    The Bum Steer

    I had a client who was selling a medium sized ranch and moving into a standard subdivision home. During the negotiation, the buyer asked the seller to leave behind his steer. The seller said he did not want to leave the Steer as it was a gift from his wife. I explained to him that the subdivision he was moving to did not accept steer, and if he did not leave the steer his wife’s gift would most likely be turned into hamburger. He left the steer, so I literally had to write up a Non Realty Item Addenda for a steer!

    My Least Favorite Things

    -When someone calls and says “Call me back about the house”. Which one brainiac I have a bunch?!

    -When another Realtor® says “call me back I have a question”. Leave the question for me so I can call you back with an answer.

    -When your client (or you) need to use the bathroom in a vacant house and there is no toilet paper (and your client or you discover this fact after the act). I personally always carry toilet paper in the trunk for my client’s convenience.

    -Worse, you find yourself looking for a plunger in a seller’s home (no fun). I now carry a plunger too.

    Leave a comment below with your craziest real estate story.

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