Fulshear’s Master Planned Communities

    West Houston is spreading like wild fire. Katy alone is home to over fourteen thousand people. The area is more popular than it ever has been. Many people looking for the suburban Texas lifestyle look towards West Houston and the surrounding areas. The easy commute, friendly neighbors, fine dining, and multiple retail options are a large part of the draw for this suburban area.

    One of the most popular destination for potential home buyers is Fulshear. This quaint Texas town offers much of what Katy does, but without the massive crowds and Fry Road congestion. What makes Fulshear so special? The easy answer is its master planned communities. The area is home to some of the best communities in the country.

    What Is A Fulshear Master Planned Community?

    Many things go into the building of these communities.  What does it mean to be a Fulshear master planned community? Below is a list of all the things that make up these glorious residential real estate communities:

    • Each community is meticulously planned since its inception. No stone is left unturned.
    • More often it is built on an undeveloped piece of land.
    • Fulshear hosts the best builders in its communities. Each builder brings their own unique style to these homes.
    • The luxurious amenities in these communities are unparalleled in most places. Fulshear has the best lakes, walking and biking trails, and community centers.
    • Each community, once developed, hosts many events for residents and their families like “Kayak on the Lake”, movie nights, and back to school parties.
    • These communities are home to the state’s best schools.

    Fulshear Real Estate Options

    Because of the wildly growing popularity of the town, Fulshear is home to many master planned communities. Each has its own level of charm, luxury, and convenience. Cross Creek Ranch has been ranked 13th in the nation’s best selling master planned communities. There is a lovely shopping center that is home to the Cross Creek Café. Each lake within Cross Creek Ranch is zoned for catch and release fishing. The events at Cross Creek Ranch are so popular that residents from all over Katy and Fulshear attend them.

    Firethorne is another popular community in Fulshear. The homes in Firethorne are sure to “kindle your spirit” as the slogan promises. Outdoor fireplaces and luxurious pools are just the tip of the iceberg for this amazing community. The hiking trails keep residents fit and their children outdoors.

    Weston Lakes, Fulbrook, and Fulshear Creek are amazing master planned communities. Each has their own amazing amenities and wonderful homes. The great outdoor amenities are sure to get children away from the screen and outside playing in the park, hiking on trails, or fishing in the lakes. The one thing that can be said about all Fulshear homes is they are unique, not quite the cookie cutter homes you’ll find in most suburban areas. Fulshear still holds on to its country roots. The draw of these communities is undeniable.

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