Fall Home Staging Dos and Don’ts

    Fall is a gorgeous time of year. Here in Katy we all take a breath of cool air and sigh in

    relief. Thank goodness those three digit degrees days are behind us. We may hit the

    nineties again, but at least there are cold fronts. Everyone loves a bit of fall. It’s an

    amazing time to decorate your home in bright autumn colors, spooky faux cobwebs,

    colorful centerpieces, and that adorable scarecrow that’s been sitting in the attic for a

    Decorating for fall can become a little tricky when you’re trying to sell your home. Home

    staging for a quick sale is the most important thing you can do besides getting a licensed

    Realtor. You want the home to be welcoming, but neutral. Buyers should be able to

    imagine themselves living in the home.

    So how do you accomplish this and still decorate for fall the way you want to? Well here

    are some Dos and Don’ts of home staging in the fall:

    Home Staging for Halloween

     Don’t be too spooky. You may love that hanging witch that cackles every time

    someone comes to the front door, but it may turn some buyers off. Halloween is a

    spooky time, but try not to scare children away.

     Don’t overdo it. Have you been trick or treating and came across the house that

    has cobwebs on the bushes, gravestones in the front yard, a witch slammed into a

    tree, about two dozen Jack-O-Lanterns, a cackling ghoul, and ghosts hanging

    from the limbs of trees? It’s a lot of fun, for sure! That kind of Halloween spirit is

    great. It’s just not everyone’s cup of tea. When selling your home, tone it down

     Do decorate though! The opposite of the home above is the home that has NO

    decorations. Not even a lonely pumpkin on the front porch. While it is neutral,

    having no decorations may unintentionally make your home come off as bare,

    even cold. Carve some pumpkins with the family, hang a Halloween wreath on

    the front door.

    Home Staging for Fall

    Do incorporate colors of the season. Bust out those fall themed plates and

    glasses. Lay out a red welcome matt.

    Do use natural elements to decorate. A gorgeous natural centerpiece is always a

    “Do”. It can be pretty easy to use natural elements to decorate. Grocery stores are

    full of autumn squashes and small pumpkins. Pick some of these up, arrange them

    in a wicker basket with some pine cones, and wrap the basket in burlap…BAM

    perfect centerpiece for your dining room or living room table.

    Do decorate outside too! Go ahead and bring that scarecrow out of the garage and

    post him up on a haystack in the front yard. A lovely fall wreath is a great

    welcoming statement for home buyers. If you have the time, making your own

    wreaths is rather easy and cost effective.

     Don’t overdo it! Just like for Halloween, a little bit goes a long way with

    decorations. You don’t need a pumpkin patch in the front yard to celebrate the

    season. Just a gentle touch of fall is needed.

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