Cypress: Where Students Want To Be!

    Cypress, Tx is by no means a “new town”. One might think that by the way it’s growing though! Cypress has grown incredibly over the last twenty years. The growth is easily seen in Cy-Fair ISD. Cy-Fair, or Cypress-Fairbanks, is the third largest school district in Texas and has the potential to grow even more with new neighborhoods and communities being built in Cypress.

    Cy-Fair’s Commitment to Students

    Cy-Fair strives to enrich the lives of every one of their 111,000 plus students. The main focus for this district is academics. Each school works with students and parents in order to see children and teens succeed in their academic career. With over 14 thousand teachers on staff Cy-Fair is dedicated to student success.

    There are 86 campuses in Cy-Fair ISD. This includes elementary, junior, and high schools. Each one has their own athletic departments and arts programs. The district knows a growing mind needs a well rounded education that includes arts and competition.

    The Berry Center

    The Berry center is a massive center for Cy-Fair students. It was named after the very memorable superintendent Richard E. Berry. The center is a great place for the arts as well as the student athletes.

    It includes a stadium with up to 11,000 seats in it for sporting events and fans. There is also an arena to hold up to 9,500 people. Along with this there is also a 16,000 sq ft convention center. Not to be outdone the theater department also has a theater in the Berry center.

    So if you’re looking for great schools with great opportunities for your kids look no further than Cy-Fair ISD. With See Tim Sell Properties expanding to this area we can help you find your perfect home in Cypress, TX. We know all the ins and outs of Cypress Real Estate and Cypress homes for sale. Contact us today!

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