Cinco Ranch Home Lights for the Community

    Greg Hoover of Cinco Ranch has a passion for Christmas. Stopping by his Cinco Ranch home during the holidays has become a favorite tradition in the community. Every year Hoover goes all out, and this year is no different. While many homes in Cinco Ranch decorate for the holidays, Hoover really goes all out. We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of a house lit for Christmas that seems to dance to music, who knew we had one right here in Katy? Well this year try to swing by while you and your family are out looking at the homes lit for Christmas in Cinco Ranch.

    From Kingwood to Cinco Ranch

    Hoover started this hobby years ago while living in Kingwood. The light enthusiast started off as so many of us do with lighting his house for the holidays. He added some lawn decorations and blow ups for the front while also lighting the roof to help guide Santa and his reindeer to his house on the big night. As time went on he got more and more involved in the tradition.

    In 2005 Hoover brought his lights and decorations with him and his family to Cinco Ranch in Katy. Every year Hoover goes all out for his holiday décor, and his home has become a community attraction. His display even has a name: “Hoover’s Fantastical Spectacle of Dancing Christmas Lights Extravaganza.” You can tell he puts a lot of love into this display.

    “It started with lights on bushes, blow-ups and some yard art,” he said. “Then I would string ropes between trees and hang lights from them.” Then Hoover found Lone Star Holidays, a group with the same mind set as Hoover when it comes to decorating. Then he learned about animating lights and syncing them to music. It was magic from then on out.

    Working for Christmas in Cinco Ranch

    This is no simple task to be done over one weekend. Hoover starts decorating his home in early November. He comes home after work and dedicates three or four hours to this task, then works on the house all weekend. He even rents a lift to help him reach the top of his home.

    “It’s as much as a full-time gig as it could be,” Hoover said. Hoover works all early November so his house can be lit by Thanksgiving night. It’s a common sight during November to see him out on his roof, in the yard, stringing lights, running wire, and planning for the big reveal.

    The display began with three songs. Now he has a total of fifteen songs in his holiday display. Families just need to tune into the radio station he’s broadcasting to hear the music that is synced to the lights as they drive by.

    “Hoover’s Fantastical Spectacle of Dancing Christmas Lights Extravaganza” has got to be on the list of things to do this week during the holidays. It’s become a favorite tradition for many people living in homes in Cinco Ranch. The gorgeous house will be lit until January, so you still have plenty of time. So be sure to swing by, say hi, and pick up a candy cane from the Hoovers. Address: 22307 Ivy Stone Ct. Katy.

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