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    Cashing out of Memorial or River Oaks Estates and Moving to a Katy or Cypress TX Homes


    For years Houston residents have moved from Houston to suburbs like Katy, Cypress, and the Woodlands when their children reach school age. This has been a recurring phenomenon for decades. The reason is of course the superior reputation of the suburb schools. However, recently many residents of neighborhoods with great schools like River Oaks and the Memorial Villages (Piney Point, Hunters Creek, Bunker Hill, Hedwig, Hilshire, and Spring Valley) have decided to move to Katy, Cypress, and the Woodlands as well.  Why would these residents leave the hottest and most exclusive neighborhoods in the Houston Metroplex to move the suburbs?

    Houston Residents can cash out when they move a Katy, Cypress, or Woodlands area home

    We have had many clients sell their Memorial area homes and purchase a larger or similar sized home in the suburbs for half or a third of the price of their home in Memorial. They are also buying homes that are 20 or 30 years newer and are therefore more energy efficient. The newer homes also require less maintenance. A friend is currently cashing out over a $1,600,000 in the Memorial area to buy a larger home in Katy for about $600,000

    Houston residents no longer give up much when moving to the suburbs

    Houston has many advantages. When residents move to the suburbs they are not as close to the theater or museum districts or the medical centers. Also, Houston is full of great dining, entertainment and sporting opportunities. With the improved to I-10, 45, 99, and the Westpark Tollway suburb residents can be to those areas within 30 to 45 minutes now. Also, many of the great medical center hospitals now have branches in the suburbs. Great dining has also arrived in the suburbs with many residents never having time to get to many of the great dining options available downtown. Also, with additions of shopping centers like Katy’s La Centera, the Woodlands Mall, and Cypress Premier Outlet Mall there is little reason to venture far from home to find a great deal.  The suburbs also feature great parks and running trails that can rival even the most beautiful city park.

    The suburb school districts offer great opportunity

    The Spring Branch School District (which services Memorial) is fantastic. Many of the schools within the district are some of the top in the state.  Still, many of the suburb schools are just as highly rated. The suburb schools can also offer newer facilities and strong athletic programs.

    So should you move to Cypress, Katy or the Woodlands?

    The answer is a solid maybe. The Energy Corridor / Memorial / River Oaks area is one of the greatest places to live in Texas. Terry Hershey Park is breathtaking. The dining is fantastic and the schools are great. Our team has also worked with many clients that have moved from the suburbs to the city to live in these premier neighborhoods.  Homes in the Energy Corridor have been a great investment for decades and should continue to be for the areas residents. So should you move? The answer depends on your goals.

    Buying and selling real estate is a personal decision.  When it is time to make a decision seek advice from your family financial expert and a good real estate agent.  We would love to help.  Contact See TIM Sell Realty via this website today or call 877-313-SELL.








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