Buying Your First Small Office in Houston

    Katy, Cypress, Richmond, Fulshear and Sugar Land Office Buildings for Sale

    By Tim Sojka

    For 15 years now, my wife, Lori and I have paid rent to someone else. We have helped someone else build wealth. Why would we or any small business do this for a long period of time, especially when there are so many small office buildings available for sale?

    Doctors, Dentist, Lawyers, Accountants; I am talking about you. It is time to own your own office. There are some incredible opportunities to build to suit or to buy existing inventory in Katy.

    Cost of Ownership

    Once you have made your down payment, you may find cost of ownership for less than leasing. If you are a little frugal, you can own something for $5 to $10 less per square foot than you can rent it for in this market. This means on a 2,000 square foot space, you can actually save $20,000 a year to own. Also, don’t forget about the tax benefits of owning vs. leasing.

    Don’t Forget Additional Cost

    When you own your building, there are a few additional costs you need to calculate. You will most likely remember taxes, insurance, common area maintenance and most costs. Still, don’t forget the cost of a new phone systems, cable, housekeeping, coffee, and water service, and security. Make sure you talk to someone who has done it before and put together a business plan. I am happy to help if you are considering building your first building.

    Solutions in Katy, West Houston, Sugar Land, Cypress, Fulshear and Richmond

    There are small offices for sale available all over the city ranging from 1000 square feet to well over 50,000 square feet. You can buy existing inventory or build from the ground up.  You may pick up inventory cheaper if you buy existing. Still, the advantage of building from the ground up is that you can design your space exactly to fit your business.  We have found some tips and tricks to keep cost per square foot down.  We would be happy to share them with you.

    By happy coincidence; I just happen to represent small business owners that build and purchase small buildings and I would be happy to help you.  You can reach me by calling 713-822-2152 to schedule an initial meeting or simply visit



    A picture of the beautiful building Lori Sojka worked with our fantastic architect to design under construction on the left.

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    3 Responses to “Buying Your First Small Office in Houston”

    • Alexis

      Written on

      Wow, I would have never thought it’d be cheaper to own rather than lease an office building!

      • Timothy Sojka

        Written on

        Alexis, very true. If you know of anyone just have them give me a call. Tim 713-822-2152

    • Emily

      Written on

      Would love to invest in commercial properties one day!


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