About the Schools of Cinco Ranch

    Cinco Ranch is one of the most well-known communities in West Houston. The beautiful Cinco Ranch homes are staples in Katy, TX real estate. This successful community can thank many factors for its success. The floorplans are unique and inspiring. The amenities rival all other communities in the area.

    There are multiple pools, biking trails, events, green space, playgrounds, parks, and so much more. Cinco Ranch location is amazing as well. It’s far enough from the city that you don’t have to live that city life, but close enough that commuting is a reasonable idea. Many things make Cinco Ranch the Katy real estate powerhouse it is today. One of the biggest draws for buyers searching for Cinco Ranch homes for sale is the schools. Located within the boundaries of Katy ISD, the schools Cinco kids go to are highly acclaimed and highly rated on both the state and national level.

    Cinco Ranch Elementary Schools

    Most of the elementary schools in Cinco Ranch are located right in the neighborhood. This is perfect for parents of younger children. Getting the little ones to school is a breeze in Cinco Ranch. The schools are so close most parents choose to have their kids walk to school. This community is incredibly safe and quiet, so parents don’t worry about their kids out on these streets.

    The seven elementary schools zoned to Cinco Ranch are beautiful and wonderful places to enrich the minds of our future leaders. Elementary schools are painted in bright fun colors and packed full of exciting events. The location isn’t the only thing that makes it easy to get your kids to school in the morning! Kids enjoy their lessons taught by amazing teachers.

    Cinco Ranch Junior High Schools

    cinco-ranch-middle-schoolThe four junior highs zoned to the Cinco Ranch area are some of the best in the state. Beck Junior High is acclaimed for everything from academics to athletics. Cinco Ranch JH is right next to its big sister, Cinco Ranch HS, and makes it easy for siblings to stay close when broken into two different schools. All of these schools have great test scores and student to teacher ratios. Katy ISD is known for not letting any student slip through the cracks. Junior High can be a pivotal moment in a student’s academic career. It’s not quite high school, but it’s more serious than elementary school. During these formative years you want to make sure your ‘tween’ is in the best environment available to him or her. With a Katy ISD school you know it’s the best. With a Cinco Ranch school, it’s pretty much guaranteed.

    Cinco Ranch High Schools

    cinco-ranch-high-schoolLiving in Cinco Ranch as a teenager is a great life to be living. There are three high schools your teen may end up in when you live in Cinco Ranch. Most likely they’ll be attending Cinco Ranch High School. This high school was the second built on the south side of Katy. With state of the art equipment, only the best teachers, and a football team that keeps breaking records your student is sure to find something they love at Cinco Ranch High. The school boasts some of the highest test scores in the district and is always updating to stay on top of modern education.

    If your teen isn’t at Cinco Ranch High School they’ll probably be in Seven Lakes or Taylor. Taylor is one of the “Classic Three”. The first three high schools built in Katy ISD: Katy, Mayde Creek, and Taylor. Taylor has done an excellent job keeping up with new technology and renovations. Seven Lakes High School is one of the newest schools in Katy ISD and is on its way to being the best. Teens at all three live in a tight community. Everyone knows everyone, even in these large schools.

    No matter where your little ones end up, it’s sure to be an amazing school if you’re residing in Cinco Ranch. The area is perfect for student life of all ages. This safe and quiet community in Katy has been and always will be the top destination for students and parents alike. If you would like a free tour of the area and the schools please contact the realty team that knows exactly where to look: See Tim Sell Realty.

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