7 Tips For Buying A Home For Sale

    downloadBuying a home can be the biggest step in a person’s life. It’s a major decision for anybody. In Katy there are an abundance of homes in many beautiful communities. The area has fantastic schools and amazing amenities. Many people choose Katy homes for sale because of the location as well. It is a safe, quiet town that is minutes from the bustling city of Houston.

    The area is enticing, but don’t just sit around wondering what to do. We’ve compiled seven pro tips to help you finally take the plunge into home ownership.

    Make sure your credit is ready.

    Most people will need a mortgage of some kind in order to buy their home. In order to get a reasonable mortgage your credit history must be as clean as you can make it. Check your credit report for any mistakes. Try to pay off your debt. Make small loan purchases and pay on time to ensure your credit score rises and rises.

    Be sure you’re ready for a home you will be in for a long time.

    Buying a home is a large commitment. You want to know you’ll be staying in the same area for a few years. If you sell too soon you may lose a lot of money. A home is an incredible asset, don’t squander it on a rash decision.

    Be realistic in pricing

    Buying a home is very exciting. Just don’t get caught up in a gorgeous house that is out of your price range. Remember that the payments are not just mortgage, but taxes and insurance as well.

    Buy in a great school district

    If you have children this one is a no brainer. Even if you don’t have children in school it is a great idea to buy in a neighborhood zoned to a fantastic school district. This will add value to your home. Even without kids, you’ll be grateful you stayed in a great district.

    Get pre-approved

    Before you start house hunting go to a mortgage lender and get pre-approved for a loan. It will give you an idea how much you can afford. It will also help your position when buying. It will also save some heart ache as you won’t fall in love with a home then not be able to afford it at the last minute.

    Consider a fixer-upper home instead of a turn key

    When a home is in need of updating or repairs it usually means the seller is highly motivated. A motivated seller is always a buyer’s best friend. Price out the repairs and include those in your budget. The home of your dreams may be lingering behind that brown carpet and cracked sink.

    Hire a professional

    Don’t go it alone. Always get some help with the big life decisions. When you’re ready to buy a home make sure you get a licensed Realtor to help you along the way. The value of a Realtor is incalculable. So if you’re ready to buy in the Katy area contact the best team in Katy Real Estate: See Tim Sell Realty!

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