5 Tips To Make Fall Leaf Cleanup Easier

    As fall arrives, homeowners everywhere are spending more time cleaning up fallen leaves and preparing their landscaping for the cooler months ahead. Since leaves fall for at least a month or two, all of this cleanup can be time consuming. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make fall cleanup easier on yourself.

    1. Use a leaf vacuum on your flower beds

    Removing leaves from a garden bed can be a huge chore since you have to work around the plants to avoid damaging them. Instead of using a rake for this task, invest in a leaf vacuum. It will not only suck up leaves, but any twigs and small debris that are in your garden as well. You won’t have to worry about damaging your plants, and it will be easy to dispose of the leaves by dumping them out of the vacuum and straight into lawn recycling bags.

    2. Mow over your leaves

    When you have a thin layer of leaves on your lawn, try mowing right over them rather than raking them first. By using a collection bag on the back of your mower, the leaves will simply be ground up and tossed out with your lawn clippings.

    3. Buy a better rake

    Today’s rakes are more comfortable to use than the plain wooden and metal rakes of yesteryear. They often feature ergonomic handles and wider heads, allowing you to rake leaves quickly and efficiently, and with less discomfort. Foam-cushioned handles help prevent blisters too. Invest in a new rake, and you may even look forward to using it throughout the fall.

    4. Invest in a leaf blower

    If you’re spending hours every week raking, it may be time for an upgrade. Leaf blowers can be found at discounted prices in big box stores as fall rolls in. Blowing your leaves into a pile takes a lot less energy than raking them all up, especially if you have numerous large trees on your property, or a very large yard.

    5. Use a tarp for easy leaf collection

    Once your leaves are in a pile, you have to then get them into lawn bags or on the curb for disposal. Make this process easier on yourself by laying down a tarp, and then blowing or raking the leaves onto that tarp. That way, you can dispose of the leaves easily by lifting the tarp (with the help of a friend) and dumping them into bags or moving them to the curb.

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