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    5 of the Best Ikea Home Organization Hacks from the Internet

    A clean and organized home is a happy home! Especially, when you’re attempting to sell that happy home. Keeping clutter at a minimum allows potential buyers to see their things in your place. S0- being that there is an Ikea in Houston and that many homeowners could benefit from a few clever organizational tips… we’ve pulled together 5 of the best Ikea hacks for your home!

    Fake Some Fabulous Build-In Shelves with the Ikea Billy Bookcase

    We found this one on a blog called  The Makerista. The homeowners did bring in a carpenter to help make this dream a reality, but it was absolutely less expensive than building this project from scratch! They used 3 Ikea bookcases and mounted them to the wall, then finished the look with some gorgeous moulding.


    Ikea Hacks Houston
    The Makerista

    Turn a Shelf into a Storage Bench with the Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit

    This clever idea comes from the Mommy Vignettes blog. She’s used a single Kallax shelving unit, some craft store foam and fabric for a cushion, and some storage baskets to create this amazing, custom looking piece of furniture!

    Ikea Hacks Houston
    Mommy Vignettes

    Create a Coffee Nook With Ikea Hooks and Rails

    Who knew that such simple (and inexpensive) hardware could create such a chic result! Find the full instructions on the blog A Farmhouse Reborn. Trust us. It’s a fairly simple project, but it does require two people and they share some tips that will save you some time one your own project.

    Ikea Hacks Houston
    A Farmhouse Reborn

    Turn a Plain , Wooden Kitchen Cart into a Chic Kitchen Workspace

    There’s nothing worse than a cluttered kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of a home and most often the biggest selling point. A kitchen should be clean, organized, and it should have some fancy features to make it feel unique. The blog, Oliver and Rust, captured all of that perfectly in this Ikea kitchen cart hack. Check out the blog for all the details.

    Ikea Hacks Houston
    Oliver and Rust

    Wrangle Your Beauty Supplies in a Hanging Organizer

    Glamour Magazine shared a stylish solution to keep bathroom counters less cluttered. Make this hanging storage organizer using Ikea Fintorp Cuttlery Caddies! Freeing up counter space in the bathroom will make your bathroom feel larger, cleaner, and allow potential buyers to imagine their items in the space.

    Ikea Hacks Houston
    Glamour Magazine

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